Shane Scranton

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I began my career in architecture, where I specialized in 3D modeling and rendering for clients so that they could better understand the spatial ramifications of their projects. Upon the release of the first Oculus Rift in 2013, I co-founded IrisVR, a 30-person B2B SaaS company in NYC that helps engineers, designers, and owners walk through their projects and collaborate before construction begins using VR.

We managed IrisVR through its entire life cycle: from idea, to fundraising, product creation, monetization, and ultimately the sale of the business. We built a category-defining product that helps the world by accelerating the construction of facilities for vaccine development, renewable energy production, healthcare, and more. Notable customers include KPF, Black & Veatch, and Suffolk Construction. Our investors included Emergence Capital and Techstars.

Now, I’m taking my experience from 8 years at Iris and working part time with other early-stage startups to help accelerate their growth.

I live with my wife in beautiful Vermont and in my free time I’m an avid cross country skier, permaculture gardener, and gamer. I’m interested in exploring new frontiers in object capture/3D scanning, XR, climate tech, and realtime enterprise workflows.

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